[image description: 4 panel graphic. the first is a close-up on the hufflepuff uniform, the second is helga hufflepuff’s cup, the third is the pottermore style house crest, and the forth is a close-up of the hufflepuff colored triwizard tournament uniform. text in center: “House of Loyalty Patience Dedication”]


House of: Loyalty, Patience, and Dedication
Hufflepuff corresponds roughly with the element of earth.

Possible Zodiac Sign/s: Libra (Cancer and Pisces)


[image description: graphic. the pottermore style hufflepuff house crest with flashing images of cedric diggory and nymphador tonks in the body of the badger. text: “Where they are just and loyal Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil.”

Favourite Hufflepuff(s) - Cedric Diggory and Nymphadora Tonks (I know, cliché) 
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[TOP TEXT: We shall endure

BOTTOM TEXT: even in the darkest of days.]

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[TOP TEXT: Always do good

BOTTOM TEXT: when it’s in your power to do so.]


[TOP TEXT: “Hufflepuff isn’t a legitimate house!”

BOTTOM TEXT: For some hate, there is no cure.]


[TOP TEXT: Helga Hufflepuff is such a BAMF

BOTTOM TEXT: she brought in house elves and gave them a safe, humane place to work.]

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[image description: photo of a shirt, with the huffepuff banner, boxing gloves and the text: “Girl’s Boxing”, and shorts with the same hufflepuff banner, on a mannequin.] 


[image description: graphic. black text on a yellow background. in the shape of and “H” is the names of all (i assume) of the hhufflepuff characters from the series, with “Helga Hufflepuff” being the largest in the center.


[TOP TEXT: Pottermore launch date announced

BOTTOM TEXT: Start creating a welcome wagon of beta users for newcomers!]